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Lemony Red Sorrel Pesto Recipe

Pesto gets a creative update using red sorrel with this Lemony Red Sorrel Pesto recipe!

My favorite thing about growing red sorrel? You basically cannot kill it. And because of this, this is a recipe you’ll be able to enjoy throughout multiple seasons!

Here’s to hardy crops that require next to no watering and no pesticides!

Best Loquat Peach Salsa

It's raining loquats in north Florida, which means I'm out here with buckets doing my happy dance. 

Most people aren't familiar with the loquat, and don't realize it's edible. 

For those living in areas with loquats (most of the Southeast and California in the US, though they can be found worldwide), these tasty fruits are a delicious, low-impact food source. And loquats make one HELL of a fruit salsa. Click through for my Loquat Peach Salsa recipe!