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Kumquat Cardamom Liqueur Recipe (Waste Not Want Not Challenge)

Whenever you stumble across backyard-grown, pesticide-free, locally-grown food, you absolutely should make the most of it. 

After wading through oodles of kumquats in my last Waste Not Want Not Challenge, I decided to use up the last of the kumquats in quick and easy kumquat cardamom liqueur... which was a well deserved treat after a long working weekend! 

Click through for the step by step on making kumquat infused vodka, kumquat cardamom vodka liqueur, and a Spiced Kumquat Splash! 

Honest Review: 5 Eco-friendly Red Wines for Under $16

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's drinking wine. I basically majored in it in college.

That, however, doesn't mean I can afford the most expensive vino - especially not when trying to buy organic or ethical products on a budget. So today on the blog: a first foray into buying greener, more ethical wines.

Because while I might be buying wine on a budget, that doesn't mean I want it to TASTE like I'm buying wine on a budget.