Ready to go green?! 

Here you will find links to items that have helped me reduce food waste, reduce or eliminate plastics, or overall live a comfortable life with less impact on the planet. 

Full disclosure: These are affiliate links. They're here because I've integrated them into my life over the last 12 months and love them. If you happen to click through and buy one, I get a tiny referral at no charge to you to help keep Compost and Cava moving forward!

Eco-friendly Kitchen

Reusable Grocery Tote

Save our seas with these adorable reusable cotton totes! The shark is made from felt made from recycled water bottles. Also, my momma makes them

Zero Waste Take Out Kit

Make plastic utensils a thing of the past with easy-to-transport eco-friendly silverware, straw, and napkin! 


Green Bathroom

Self-Draining Soap Dish

Did you know you use 7 times as much product when you use liquid soap? And that liquid soap is significantly worse for the environment than bar soap?

Compostable Cornstarch Poop Bags

We're a two dog household, which means that was 6 plastic bags PER DAY cleaning up after our pets. That's 2,190 plastic bags on average per YEAR. These bags are made from cornstarch and will break down in many conditions. This is probably the most effective environmental change I've made, with no accompanying shift in my routine.

Retractable Clothes Line

A good clothes line is frankly shockingly hard to find. I spent more fossil fuels driving around town trying to find one that wasn't a complete eye sore than it probably would take just to ship this one to you. I love the design on this, I love that it's stainless steel (so it will last) and I love that it's retractable. As a reminder, your dryer is the appliance that consumes the SECOND MOST amount of energy in your home.


Reusable Can Lids

If you're still scrunching aluminum foil over the top of your open cans, we need to talk. Aluminum foil comes at a high price to the planet. Look! A food safe, reusable fix! They're sold for pet food, but will work swimmingly on your cans. 


Indigo Dyed Napkins

Class it up - and eliminate paper waste - at every meal with these beautiful cotton napkins. 


Washable Kitchen Sponge

Disposable synthetic kitchen sponges are gross, creepy, and bad for the planet. These responsibly made UnSponges are washable, durable, and much more cleanly. 

Organic Bamboo Cutting

Keep micro plastics out of your food and prevent bacteria from flourishing in knife cuts with a beautiful, sustainable cutting board. 


Beeswax Wrap

This reusable and natural option will do wonders for cutting down on the amount of plastic wrap you're going through AND won't leach gross things into your food! 

Reusable Snack Bags

Make every lunch or snack on the go a zero waste snack with these reusable, dishwasher safe snack bags! 


Milk Paint

I'm a crafter, which poses unique problems if you're also an environmentalist. The majority of craft paints at your local craft store contain acrylic or plastic-based polymers, meaning they'll shed micro-plastics as your project ages or as your rinse your brushes. Casein paints use a polymer derived from milk products, making them a better option!