The Waste Not, Want Not Challenge, and Why It Matters (Kumquat Edition)

Kumquats are basically citrus' wild party girl: the peels are sweet, the fruit is sour.

When I stumbled on a small tree covered in unused kumquats, I decided to do another Waste Not, Want Not Challenge. "What does it matter, it's just one tree?" I was asked.

With 925 million people hungry worldwide, it matters. Here's how much food that one tree generated, and here's why taking the Waste Not, Want Not Challenge will change your relationship with food.

Falling in Love with Nature with Grit & Pixel Photographer Marisa Jarae

Photographer/activist Chris Jordan made a point that deeply resonated with me: You cannot save this planet without also falling in love with it over and over again.

Conservation is hard work. Going green is hard work. Caring is incredibly hard work. 

So, taking that moment to breathe, to connect to the epic masterpiece that is Mother Nature, is vital. Let yourself wonder and fall in love, remember that we are of this wonderous and majestic planet. That love is what sustains us through the work.

No one's photography reminds me to take that moment more than bad ass adventure photographer Marisa Jarae. I could sing her praises all day long, but I'd rather let the work speak for itself. 

I'm taking a moment this week. Will you take it with me?