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DIY Turmeric Dyed Reusable Produce Bags

It's spring! Let's celebrate with a colorful, eco-friendly DIY. 

Remember that time I accidentally turned into an Oompa Loompa while cooking with fresh turmeric?  

Today I'm using that experiential knowledge to show you how to make reusable bags for your loose produce out of old doilies and DIY fabric dye from fresh turmeric! 

100 Greener Choices: Choices 11-20

Going green: it doesn't happen overnight.

If you try to change your entire lifestyle all at once, it's not likely to succeed.

My goal for myself was 100 greener lifestyle changes and choices, and at first, that felt daunting. Now, though, as I look at my life from a different perspective, and see infinite room for improvement... and that's pretty cool! 

Today we hash out 100 Greener Choices: 11-20, with a recap of 1-10, this time arranged easiest to most intensive. 

Fight Fast Fashion: SWAP Don't SHOP

Some years, you ask your family for PYREX for Christmas, but instead get SPANDEX.

Do you...

A) retire and pursue a career as a backup dancer?

B) repurpose said metallic clothing as bicycle reflectors?


C) host a clothing swap?

Today on the blog: how and why sharing and swapping is caring, and some terrifying facts on fast fashion.