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Lemony Red Sorrel Pesto Recipe

Pesto gets a creative update using red sorrel with this Lemony Red Sorrel Pesto recipe!

My favorite thing about growing red sorrel? You basically cannot kill it. And because of this, this is a recipe you’ll be able to enjoy throughout multiple seasons!

Here’s to hardy crops that require next to no watering and no pesticides!

7 Ways to Have a Greener Mother's Day

This woman raised you. She wiped your nose and your butt. She put up with your childhood tantrums, your adolescent melodramas, and your collegiate angst. You left the toilet seat up, your dirty dishes out, and didn’t replace the paper towels. You were literally the worst roommate anyone could ask for for a whopping 18 years… so just take a moment to say THANK YOU.

Have a better and greener Mother’s Day with these 7 easy tips!

DIY Vegetable-Based Watercolors!

Get ready to play with your food: We're making DIY vegetable-based watercolors!

Why use non-toxic chemical paints when you can harness the power of plants?

This is a really fun way to encourage creativity in children while teaching them the power of plants and to see their food in a different light!

Best Loquat Peach Salsa

It's raining loquats in north Florida, which means I'm out here with buckets doing my happy dance. 

Most people aren't familiar with the loquat, and don't realize it's edible. 

For those living in areas with loquats (most of the Southeast and California in the US, though they can be found worldwide), these tasty fruits are a delicious, low-impact food source. And loquats make one HELL of a fruit salsa. Click through for my Loquat Peach Salsa recipe!

Zero Waste Kitchen Hack: Reusable Aluminum Can Lids

If you are still crunching wads of aluminum foil around your cans before stuffing them in the fridge, WE NEED TO TALK. 


Aluminum foil is an environmentally costly product to manufacture, and there's a cheap way to reduce way and save you money. Introducing a zero waste kitchen hack: reusable can lids. That's a win-win, y'all

Kumquat Cardamom Liqueur Recipe (Waste Not Want Not Challenge)

Whenever you stumble across backyard-grown, pesticide-free, locally-grown food, you absolutely should make the most of it. 

After wading through oodles of kumquats in my last Waste Not Want Not Challenge, I decided to use up the last of the kumquats in quick and easy kumquat cardamom liqueur... which was a well deserved treat after a long working weekend! 

Click through for the step by step on making kumquat infused vodka, kumquat cardamom vodka liqueur, and a Spiced Kumquat Splash! 

Honest Review: 5 Eco-friendly Red Wines for Under $16

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's drinking wine. I basically majored in it in college.

That, however, doesn't mean I can afford the most expensive vino - especially not when trying to buy organic or ethical products on a budget. So today on the blog: a first foray into buying greener, more ethical wines.

Because while I might be buying wine on a budget, that doesn't mean I want it to TASTE like I'm buying wine on a budget.