Zero Waste Kitchen Hack: Reusable Aluminum Can Lids

If you are still crunching wads of aluminum foil around your cans before stuffing them in the fridge, WE NEED TO TALK. 


Aluminum foil is an environmentally costly product to manufacture, and there's a cheap way to reduce way and save you money. Introducing a zero waste kitchen hack: reusable can lids. That's a win-win, y'all

5 Minute DIY Eco-friendly Easter Grass

This one goes out to all the busy mommas out there:

I know you're in a rush, but skip the plastic Easter grass and try my 5 minute DIY Eco-friendly Easter Grass instead!

It's quick, it's easy, and hey, if pieces of it comes out of your kid's basket? It'll biodegrade at worst and grow some flowers at best. They'll be the envy of the Easter egg hunt! 

5 DIY Scented Vinegar Cleaners

It's pollen season in Charleston, so LET THE SPRING CLEANING BEGIN! 

I've recently switched to DIY vinegar cleaners for my home, and have been playing around with various scent infusions. Plus, you can't even call yourself an eco-blogger unless you post about vinegar cleaner. It's a thing.

Click on through for the best and worst of my DIY Vinegar Cleaner Scents, y'all!

Kumquat Cardamom Liqueur Recipe (Waste Not Want Not Challenge)

Whenever you stumble across backyard-grown, pesticide-free, locally-grown food, you absolutely should make the most of it. 

After wading through oodles of kumquats in my last Waste Not Want Not Challenge, I decided to use up the last of the kumquats in quick and easy kumquat cardamom liqueur... which was a well deserved treat after a long working weekend! 

Click through for the step by step on making kumquat infused vodka, kumquat cardamom vodka liqueur, and a Spiced Kumquat Splash! 

Ocean Plastic: The Myth of the Pristine Beach

I've done a lot of things this year. Weird fish nibbled my toes in Mexico, I swam in a Costa Rican waterfall, and gave myself an epic wedgie jumping into a cenote outside of Playa del Carmen. 

I would do them all again, save the wedgie.

These experiences, along with my daily battle with litter in my neighborhood, left me with some thoughts I need to share.

I'm sorry for the serious post, but I hope you'll read it anyway. 

Going Green: 3 Reasons We Are Afraid to Care (by Diana Deaver)


This question plagues me a lot. It plagues me when I'm too afraid to watch documentaries, it plagues me when my friends sometimes say "Stop, I don't want to know" regarding ocean plastic. 

It was my own life for a really long time. Because if you know, you'll care. So I repeat: why are we afraid to care?

Today on the blog, brilliant life and emotional health coach Diana Deaver answers this question.

Honest Review: 5 Eco-friendly Red Wines for Under $16

If there's one thing I'm good at, it's drinking wine. I basically majored in it in college.

That, however, doesn't mean I can afford the most expensive vino - especially not when trying to buy organic or ethical products on a budget. So today on the blog: a first foray into buying greener, more ethical wines.

Because while I might be buying wine on a budget, that doesn't mean I want it to TASTE like I'm buying wine on a budget.

DIY Turmeric Dyed Reusable Produce Bags

It's spring! Let's celebrate with a colorful, eco-friendly DIY. 

Remember that time I accidentally turned into an Oompa Loompa while cooking with fresh turmeric?  

Today I'm using that experiential knowledge to show you how to make reusable bags for your loose produce out of old doilies and DIY fabric dye from fresh turmeric! 

100 Greener Choices: Choices 11-20

Going green: it doesn't happen overnight.

If you try to change your entire lifestyle all at once, it's not likely to succeed.

My goal for myself was 100 greener lifestyle changes and choices, and at first, that felt daunting. Now, though, as I look at my life from a different perspective, and see infinite room for improvement... and that's pretty cool! 

Today we hash out 100 Greener Choices: 11-20, with a recap of 1-10, this time arranged easiest to most intensive.