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DIY Compostable Eucalyptus Wreath

I have been fawning over those modern and minimalist wreaths you see all over Pinterest, but over my dead body am I buying a brand new embroidery hoop just to use for a wreath and then throw away. I do own wreath forms, as you may recall from last year’s post on DIY foraged wreaths, but the amount of floral wire I used and then subsequently ended up throwing out irritated me.

Thus, a challenge was born. Could I make a minimalist but completely compostable wreath?

7 Ways to Have a Greener Mother's Day

This woman raised you. She wiped your nose and your butt. She put up with your childhood tantrums, your adolescent melodramas, and your collegiate angst. You left the toilet seat up, your dirty dishes out, and didn’t replace the paper towels. You were literally the worst roommate anyone could ask for for a whopping 18 years… so just take a moment to say THANK YOU.

Have a better and greener Mother’s Day with these 7 easy tips!

DIY Vegetable-Based Watercolors!

Get ready to play with your food: We're making DIY vegetable-based watercolors!

Why use non-toxic chemical paints when you can harness the power of plants?

This is a really fun way to encourage creativity in children while teaching them the power of plants and to see their food in a different light!

5 Minute DIY Eco-friendly Easter Grass

This one goes out to all the busy mommas out there:

I know you're in a rush, but skip the plastic Easter grass and try my 5 minute DIY Eco-friendly Easter Grass instead!

It's quick, it's easy, and hey, if pieces of it comes out of your kid's basket? It'll biodegrade at worst and grow some flowers at best. They'll be the envy of the Easter egg hunt! 

100 Greener Choices: Choices 11-20

Going green: it doesn't happen overnight.

If you try to change your entire lifestyle all at once, it's not likely to succeed.

My goal for myself was 100 greener lifestyle changes and choices, and at first, that felt daunting. Now, though, as I look at my life from a different perspective, and see infinite room for improvement... and that's pretty cool! 

Today we hash out 100 Greener Choices: 11-20, with a recap of 1-10, this time arranged easiest to most intensive.