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Best Loquat Peach Salsa

It's raining loquats in north Florida, which means I'm out here with buckets doing my happy dance. 

Most people aren't familiar with the loquat, and don't realize it's edible. 

For those living in areas with loquats (most of the Southeast and California in the US, though they can be found worldwide), these tasty fruits are a delicious, low-impact food source. And loquats make one HELL of a fruit salsa. Click through for my Loquat Peach Salsa recipe!

Kumquat Cardamom Liqueur Recipe (Waste Not Want Not Challenge)

Whenever you stumble across backyard-grown, pesticide-free, locally-grown food, you absolutely should make the most of it. 

After wading through oodles of kumquats in my last Waste Not Want Not Challenge, I decided to use up the last of the kumquats in quick and easy kumquat cardamom liqueur... which was a well deserved treat after a long working weekend! 

Click through for the step by step on making kumquat infused vodka, kumquat cardamom vodka liqueur, and a Spiced Kumquat Splash! 

Kumquat Chutney Recipe (Waste Not, Want Not Challenge)

What a pain in the citrus!

When we left last off, I was drowning in a heap of delightful miniature fruits. Backyard grown (no pesticides or fertilizers), packed with vitamins, and destined to fall and rot, I committed to not letting any of the 37 cups of kumquats go to waste.

So today we explore the wonder of chutney! Click through for a delicious kumquat chutney recipe, which will extend the shelf-life of excess fruits for more than a month.

The Waste Not, Want Not Challenge, and Why It Matters (Kumquat Edition)

Kumquats are basically citrus' wild party girl: the peels are sweet, the fruit is sour.

When I stumbled on a small tree covered in unused kumquats, I decided to do another Waste Not, Want Not Challenge. "What does it matter, it's just one tree?" I was asked.

With 925 million people hungry worldwide, it matters. Here's how much food that one tree generated, and here's why taking the Waste Not, Want Not Challenge will change your relationship with food.