Goals: 100 Greener Choices

It's important to have goals, right?! All the inspirational internet memes say so, and they can't put it on the internet unless it's true. 

Shortly after I started this blog and before I even published it to you great folk of the interwebs, I made a goal for myself: 100 Greener Choices. 

I have no idea if this is possible. But it's been an interesting journey, nonetheless. So, periodically I will be updating you on my count (thus holding myself accountable!). 

Here's what we've got so far! 

photo by Nick Milak

photo by Nick Milak

1. This Blog. Every journey starts with a first step, and this one is mine! The choice to start a new lifestyle and hold myself publicly accountable through this not always graceful and certainly not perfect process is for sure my first big lifestyle change. 

2. Litter. It started with my morning walks with Gatz, but once you get in the habit, it's hard to break and easy to do. Usually I end up picking up between 1-5 pieces of additional litter just going about my daily business. Smashed water bottle in the parking lot? Cool! Throw it in the car and recycle it when you get home. It's seriously not rocket science.

3. Meals Without Plastic. Because I'm regularly trying out and/or proofing recipes for the blog, I've been eating between 1-3 plastic packaging free meals a week! And there's a snowball effect to it. Once you invest in plastic-free basics, like salt, eggs, and olive oil, it becomes remarkably easier.

4. Shampoo Redo! Switching to bar shampoo and conditioner has probably been the most fun change I've made so far, I won't lie. I'm a sucker for bright colors and exotic scents, so this one has been a lot of fun.

5. Shower Power. The bar soap change is what caused me to explore bar shampoos, and I'm still super happy with the shift. I have so much room on my shower shelf, I actually got a shower fern. Named Francois. Because I'm bougie as hail, y'all. 

6. Line drying. This shift takes a little more effort than some of the other changes, but I'm addicted to both that fresh air scent vs. cloying chemicals, and saving money on my electric bill means I can afford that schmancy glass of wine instead of Two Buck Chuck! 

7. Farmer's Markets. I now get virtually all my groceries for the week from the various farmer's markets around town. I love it, I look forward to it, and how often can you actually say that about going to a grocery store? I love the selection, the human interaction, shopping the various vendors, and making seasonal choices. It's relaxing and delightful, and the food is ON POINT.

8. Bailin' on Snail Mail. Reducing my junk mail has given me SO much satisfaction. It's been quietly irritating me for years, and now I have an environmental reason to tell these spammers to bug off. 

9. Goin' Green for Halloween! Saying goodbye to my cheesy blinking orange lights and plastic paraphernalia was a really easy choice, especially since this barely cost me a dime (just a couple gourds). Plus, how can you go wrong with an apothecary theme?!


10. MY PLANTALONES! This VOC fighting team of superheroes are my favorites! I mean, my shower fern is cool. But these little guys are just so spunky and adorable. Remember to make sure your air plants are ethically sourced, or just get a bunch of shower ferns. The point is this: the air inside your home is disgusting and filled with chemicals. You are literally filtering that shit through your lungs (unless you have many plantalones, like myself), so think about that next time you plug in a Glade air freshner. Gross.

Like I said, I have no idea if this is possible or practical! But this has been an amazing journey so far. I'm looking at life differently, feeling healthier and happier, and it's brought some of the most incredible and interesting people across my path. So let's keep going, shall we?!