Hello there!

Where to start! 

I’m Reese. Overzealous dog mom/Australian Shepherd wrangler. Workaholic. Cheese addict. Terrible (but enthusiastic) dancer. Concerned about the planet.

I grew up hiking and camping from a young age, so I’ve always been partial to this rock. Nature makes me happy, unless it involves rubbing antenna with cockroaches or petting poison ivy. If both of those go extinct, it’s fine by me. Anyway.  

I tried casually to do right by the environment, recycling and trying to buy organic when possible, but then something happened: I entered my 30s. My sister has three kids. My friends are having kids. My friend Amy has an especially cute kid named Charlotte who promised to vacuum my house, even! (Where you at, Char? The situation at Moore Manor is getting desperate.)

I kept having the nagging thought, if we all keep living like this, where on earth (literally) are they going to live? What’s going to be left? Seawaters rising, massive extinction, plastic ocean, carcinogens everywhere. Let alone the craziness man has been inflicting on man, lately. 

Someone has to do something, they deserve better than inheriting the fallout of generations of greed, hate, and apathy, I’ve thought so many times. We all probably have this thought more than we say, actually. 


But where do you start? And how? Can YOU make a difference?

I believe so, and I have to try. 

So here goes! With a loyal but less-than-trustworthy Aussie/Muppet hybrid by her side, this spunky brunette is going try to change her wasteful ways, and blog about it here.