12 Awesome, Eco-friendly Gifts for Men (That They'll Actually Want)

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Is it just me or are men especially hard to buy for?

I love giving people gifts, but only when I can think of something that I think they’ll genuinely love and enjoy. It just makes me happy. I literally spend hours hand-picking or making gifts for my family and friends. Whatever the reason, though, this is the bane of my holiday season every year when it comes to the men in my life. My dad and brother-in-law both work a lot, don’t have many hobbies, and frankly you can only gift wrap so many six packs of craft beer… and no one needs that many sweaters in South Carolina.

Finding desirable and useful Christmas gifts for men can be even more challenging when you’re working hard toward an eco-friendly life and responsible consumerism. Who wants a compostable scrub brush? Anyone? Anyone? Just me? Ok, then.

Lucky for you, I spent an afternoon rounding up all the latest and greatest eco-friendly finds on Etsy. Here are some of my picks for handmade and eco-friendly gifts for men (or frankly anyone) for the 2018 holiday season… but you can totally get them a compostable scrub brush if you prefer.

Kruk Garage Leather Backpack with Vintage Buckle from WW2 

Kruk Garage, an atelier specializing in handcrafted bags and Kiev-based upcycling workshop, makes the most incredible bags. Not only are their creations gorgeous, but they incorporate found materials - primarily vintage military-issue items. Look for WW2 buckles, parachute fabrics, and repurposed sections of military duffle bags.

The bag in the picture was handcrafted using vegetable tanned leather straps, a vintage WW2 buckle, and comes with a dust bag made of military cotton foot-wrap fabric with handmade print dating back to the 1960's. I keep pretending I’m going to buy it for my boyfriend but let’s be real: I’m probably going to buy this for me.

Backpack not in the budget but love the look and concept?

Check out these other quality crafted pieces from Kruk Garage below.

Handmade Linen Bow Tie in Mustard ($13.01)

Whether he’s going to work or a wedding, the man in your life will look quite dapper with this bright, stylish linen bow tie… and it even comes pre-tied! The online store offers quite a variety of colors and other styles, this is my favorite however.

As a reminder, linen is biodegradable, made from flax plant fibers, durable, and naturally moth resistant.

Reclaimed Whiskey Barrel Razor ($34.99)

Bring a touch of class to your man’s grooming habits with this gorgeous razor. Handcrafted from Tennessee Whiskey Barrel wood, the razor is compatible with Mach3 razor heads. Each razor comes with a certificate of authenticity, certifying that the wood is reclaimed from genuine, old-fashioned whiskey barrels, and is waterproof.

Want to personalize your man’s eco-friendly gift? They’ve got you. The wooden handles can be engraved upon request. Dating a bearded fellow? Elder Pens also makes refillable and beautiful wood pens.

Salvaged Barrel Ring Clock Made with Reclaimed Wood ($200.00)

Ok, one of y’all needs to buy this for me - and I’m obviously not a dude but it’s a gorgeous non-gendered gift that would work perfectly in any office, hobby room, workshop, or living space. These Boliver Design Co gorgeous clocks are framed with salvaged metal rings from wine barrels and hand constructed with reclaimed wood. AND THEY’RE STUNNING.

Say goodbye to cookie cutter home decor and spruce up the man cave with something unique and eco-friendly.

Handcrafted Merino Wool Slippers ($101.73)

Bumming around the house is one of my boyfriend’s favorite things to do and what better way to do it than with a touch of eco-friendly style? These fun slippers are handcrafted by Aurelia Felt Studio and will keep the men in your life cozy and well stylish at the same time.

When it comes to fibers, wool is natural, sustainable, and biodegradable.

Upcycled Jack Daniel’s Candle ($42.00)

Perfect for the whiskey lover in your household (ok again, that’s actually me and my mom but Dad likes it too), this EKP Creations Candle is made from soy wax, sports a cotton wick, and has been hand-poured in an upcycled Jack Daniel’s bottle.

Fun and playful, this candle sports a fresh eucalyptus and mint scent to freshen up any room in the house. Special orders are available.

Old Vine Grapevine Magnetic Knife Rack ($100.00)

A knife rack this beautiful that’s also made from reclaimed materials?! Sign me up. Grape vines are retired and dried for up to two years before they’re lovingly constructed into these stunning Wine Country Craftsmen conversation pieces.

This knife rack is a work of art that will have the men or foodies in your life excited to get to cooking.

Love the look and concept, but don’t want to break the bank?

Check out these other (more affordable) products from Wine Country Craftsmen, also made from salvaged barrels!

Kruk Garage Duffel Bag

This is probably my favorite item on the list. I just love the utterly masculine look of this handcrafted duffel bag, made by Kruk Garage.

Krug Garage always incorporates vintage and reclaimed elements into their work and this particular bag was constructed from a British army duffle bag from the 1970s, Soviet army fabric belts from the 1970s, and vintage AK-47 belts.

It makes me want to book a trip somewhere exciting, like, now.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel Ring with Guitar String Inlay

Has upcycling ever looked so sexy? This exquisite ring was handcrafted from a salvaged Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel by Hawkins Handicrafts and features an inlaid guitar string - perfect for the whiskey or music lover in your life.

Other colors, styles, and designs are available.

Linen and Hemp Grilling Apron ($60.00)

Natural fibers linen and hemp pair beautifully in this durable grilling apron by Om Home Brand.. The clean, modern design will suit the modern grill master perfectly while simultaneously keeping clothing clean and grease-free!

This piece would also make a great workshop apron.

12 Awesome, Eco-friendly Gifts for Men (That They'll Actually Want)

Wine Barrel Chandelier

I know this would be perfect for a bachelor pad or man cave, but frankly it’s just my style. I love some urban industrial details, and this piece speaks to me. The face that it’s made from salvaged wine barrels only adds to the appeal! I’ll take an eco-friendly, salvage-turned-art pieces over something cookie cutter from West Elm any day.

Looking for something smaller (or more affordable)? Wine Country Craftsmen has you covered. Head over to their online store for a plethora of options in various styles.

Organic Cotton Naturally Dyed Scarf ($69.00)

Give the gift of handmade comfort and style with this sophisticated yet unpretentious scarf from the Chic Artisan. Made from organic cotton, this scarf was hand-dyed with iron and tannins in the maker’s Iowa studio, making it a thoughtful and precious gift.

This beautiful slow fashion accessory is the perfect way to dress up a sweater and jeans for a stroll or snuggle in the cool weather.

12 Eco-friendly gifts for men